Carnival celebrations in gay Algarve

24/01/2013 15:39

The Carnival period is the most gay friendly of all parties.

Is the time of year that all men, gay or straight, like to show their "other side", because there's no excuse to be appointed by homophobic critics.

The Algarve has many traditions in the Carnival, and the Loulé parade's simply the oldest in Portugal. But there are other more traditional Carnival parades throughout the region.

Among local gays, there are a number of parties that are already part of the script.
One of the best known is the Carnival celebration in Kadoc nightclub in Vilamoura. One of the biggest clubs in Portugal and the Algarve's most gay friendly.


This is a party frequented by many gays but will be very hard to distinguish who is and is not ; )


But there will be Carnival celebrations in traditional gay venues.
The bars that have already posted the flyers was Vougue Bar Albufeira,
and Boémio Disco Club in Portimão.
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